To Provide Motorsport Professionals with the most authentic simulation tool

Who We Are

Racing Sims is an Award Winning New Zealand technology company with its headquarters in the heart of Canterbury, we design, engineer and build the most advanced racing simulators in the world.

Utilizing the latest racing simulation software combined with state of the art technology enables Racing Sims Ltd to deliver you an unparalleled experience. Feel every piece of the tarmac as you race across local tracks and world famous circuits.

Every component used directly relates to the real thing. From the Tilton pedals to the Quaife manufactured sequential shifter, we make no compromises to ensure a genuine simulation.
Our simulators are all hand-made allowing us to to consistently use the best possible parts available and ensure a perfect build every time. We also are able to build custom designed simulators for our clients.

Every owner has a personal support concierge, the ownership experience starts with the process of selecting and ordering to arranging our industry leading personal delivery and training programs. We believe that a personal connection fosters a better, more effective relationship. Once the simulator is installed our support representatives are eager to help with anything from software updates, installing new cars & tracks, hardware updates or even organising online races.


Our Mission

Using today’s success to build tomorrow’s business, Racing Sims believes in continual development.

Be the Best

We are never satisfied with the status quo. Our Mission is to constantly explore the latest technologies.

Be the Latest

We are constantly reviewing the marketplace ensuring we are using the latest in technology.

Be the Most Realistic

Our strive for realism is at the core of everything we do and design.

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